Margaret Ullman, "The Raven"

Noblewoman, Master Thief


Margaret Ullman, a young noblewoman living in Tremoor, always had a Socialist bent. She started honing her thievery skills at a young age, and used them throughout her life to steal from the rich and give to the needy. She organized a black market in the Sewers of Tremoor, where traveling merchants could find and fence stolen goods, and she gave the proceeds to the urchins of Tremoor.

She stumbled upon a cursed coin while robbing the Majerle mansion, which caused her to greedily steal anything she could get her hands on, regardless of its value. This crime spree got the attention of the Red Order, who hired our heroes to catch the culprit.

She currently resides at the Tremoor jail, awaiting a sentencing.

Margaret Ullman, "The Raven"

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